Move With Urgency and Customers will urgently tip you!

Lesson 10 - Preparing for the Shift

Be on the Offensive not the Defensive

Just as having a great attitude is important so is a sense of urgency. Convince yourself and make the effort to stay two steps ahead of your guests. This means reaching the point of contact before they do. Its called having a sense of urgency and working with the will to serve them faster than they are hoping to be served. Many times service isn’t the serving of the actual product (drink) but simply the acknowledgment to them that you are coming to take care of them. Guests simply want to be acknowledged for the most part. They can see if you are busy. How you handle busy situations will determine the level of their patience. If you appear flustered and angry they will become increasingly impatient as that attitude is contagious. If you appear in control and are having fun and smiling that will reflect back in their personality and they will actually be momentarily satisfied and more patient with you. This is so important to your success as a bartender. The bar is your stage. It is your guest house. Own it by keeping your head up making eye contact and acknowledging guests while serving others. It is this practice that will make you a great bartender!

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