Human Resources and Finance

Lesson 2 - Back of House

Human Resources and Finance

Depending on the size and type of the establishment the office area may vary in size as well. In some establishments, the office is simply a small room or even large closet-sized space. In other establishments, there may be a series of offices on a single floor (finance and accounting payroll human resources etc.) Let’s go into detail some of these areas your establishment may have and how they affect you as a bartender.

Human Resources– Human Resources is the office space that involves the hiring of new employees. It is also the employee service area to handle anything of work-related importance that employees must comply with or pay attention to. Sometimes work schedules may also be posted up in the human resources department as well as a first aid area and kit.

Payroll– This is the department where hours worked are collected and paychecks are distributed from. As a new hire, this will also be where an employee will fill out their W-4 forms to establish their tax status.

Finance & Accounting– This area is where bartenders will sign in for their drawer till and bank. The bartender is 100% responsible for any and all money once the drawer is signed out. It is to go directly into the assigned register-POS system. Typically the bartender will need to “CLOCK IN” on their assigned POS system in order to open their drawer so that they may insert the drawer till into the drawer. Again the money is 100% the responsibility of the bartender so it is highly advisable that the bartender count the bank to make sure it is the exact correct amount. In smaller establishments like neighborhood bars, all of these departments will be rolled into one office space and handled by one manager. Being familiar with all of these responsibilities is important for bartenders if they wish to become a manager at some point further in their career.

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